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New Wave Prosthetics is a Fabrication Service bringing new innovative designs to Upper-Limb Prosthetic devices. Our focus is partial hands.  Our services include all your upper limb projects from shoulder disarticulations using pattern recognition technology to straight forward body-powered devices.

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Empowering Through Inovation

Biomechanical aids have been assisting children and adults since the early 16th century when Dr. Ambroise Paré developed one of the first articulating prosthetics. At New Wave Prosthetics we are the forerunners in this exciting time in new technologies aiding the wearer in functionality and comfort. Our unique design process insures that every patient you treat will have the comfort level they deserve when wearing their prosthesis, under any conditions.  Use the contact form at left to get in touch with our Lab.

The Best Technical Lab Team

At New Wave we have a technical team designed to meet your needs as a clinician. With a robust knowledge in both orthotics and prosthetics we have excelled in designs geared towards improving the quality of life for those in need of your custom solutions.  Our technicians work directly with you to ensure your patients have the best fit and finish in custom design. Our attention to detail and turn-around time are unparalleled. Contact us today and find out why we are one of the best in the industry in custom fabricated prosthetic designs.

You can fill out and send one of the forms below to Info@nwprosthetics.com to start the process!

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Best Prosthetic ever!

Helps me to maintain a lifestyle despite my skin issues.

Custom design, relaxing fit and no rub.